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Find Me A Bucerias Home or Condo : Bucerias Real Estate Experts

Find Me A Bucerias Home or CondoWelcome to “Find Me a Bucerias Home or Condo.”

Elements Realty Group is the Bucerias real estate expert…and you have come to the right place. Here’s the thing. We are not psychic and we need you to help us help you. We have access to many MLSs and properties and without your specifications, we are just tossing mud to the wall and hoping it sticks.

Our promise to you is this information will not be sold or shared with anyone…period. Also, no pesky salesmen will call or harass you, that’s not what we do. By filling out the below form, you save us both time and energy as we can start focusing on properties that appeal to you. We recommend that if anyone else is in on the buying of the home, please include them in this process. There is nothing worse than going to a property and the spouse saying, “Are you nuts?” Ask him/her what they REALLY want. It’ll save us time…and maybe even your marriage!

Please take the 5-10 minutes it will take to fill out the form. There are no wrong or right answers so don’t worry about exactly what you are looking for…just head in the right direction. We have seen people that wanted “Traditional Mexican” but end up buying “Contemporary European”…we get it, people can change their mind. If you are saying “Find me a Bucerias home or Condo” we need this to get the whole thing started.

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This “Find Me a Bucerias Home or Condo” form is to help real people find real properties that match their needs. This is just the beginning of finding the property that you, the buyer is looking for. We have tried to make this as brief and as encompassing as we could (not really an easy task). If we have any further questions, we’ll email or call at a time that is convenient to you. The object is to clearly understand exactly (or close to it) what you are looking for.


John Forget

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